We offer innovative engineering with product development and project-related application engineering design for both OEM products and automation with system integration

Creative and innovative product and system solutions

The development of innovative product and system solutions is the driving force behind the way we think and act. Therefore, the primary focus is to enhance our customers’ enthusiastic appreciation of the quality, reliability and economic efficiency of our made-to-measure systems. This way our highly qualified engineers and technicians help our customers to benefit from the newest, latest and most efficient technologies with regard to economic efficiency, reliability and safety.

Thanks to experience gained from the realisation of a number of national and international projects in the mining sector involving the underground hoisting of raw materials, SIEMAG TECBERG group’s engineering services today include a wide range extending from initial layout/construction planning through to production drawings and parts lists.

Conceptual services:

  • Studies and analyses
  • Project engineering for internal use or for external organisations and customers

Services in the areas of mechanics and hydraulics:

Vibration analyses and tests:

  • Increasing hoisting speed (determine and correct the causes)
  • Reduction of downtimes (assessment of component condition during normal operation)
  • Reduction of scope of maintenance (predictive maintenance)
  • Increase of productivity (optimisation of loading and unloading cycle times)

Finite element analyses and simulations of dynamic systems:

  • Determination of efficient and low-cost engineering designs
  • Calculation of deformations (within and beyond design engineering limits)
  • Pointing-up of deficiencies and design engineering optimisation of existing equipment 
  • Simulation of loading and unloading processes (optimisation of cycle times)
  • Simulation of rope-guided systems (dynamic behaviour of hoisting and conveying equipment in the shaft)

Services in the areas of automation and drive technology:

Inspection, testing and evaluation of installed hoisting, conveying and drive systems (such as motors, inverters, etc.) for:

  • Functionality
  • Reliability
  • Adherence to regulations
  • Spare part availability
  • Need for modernisation

Determination of upgrade and retrofit solutions:

  • Prompt
  • Low-cost
  • Efficient

Structural analyses:

Examination of rope sheaves and winders:

  • Modelling with finite element analysis software
  • Fatigue analysis for the identification of areas of higher loading
  • Configuration of operating and rope-break loads


  • Support structures
  • Winding heads
  • General configurations for feasibility and final design
  • Shaft sheaves
  • Shaft fittings
  • Winders
  • Hoisting and conveying equipment
  • Rope laying and rope-changing equipment (rope adjustment)
  • Guidance and rope guidance systems
  • Loading and unloading
  • Car decking
  • Hydraulic chutes, conveyors
  • Boosting of economic efficiency by modernisation of existing winding machines (increase of performance)
  • Material transport systems
  • System integration, automation and drive systems
  • Energy supply
  • Brakes + hydraulic system
  • Hydraulic power units (brake hydraulic systems, bearing lubrication, special machines, ...)

Modelling with finite element analysis of:

  • Head frames
  • Winders
  • Winches and windlasses
  • Rope sheaves

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