Loading and unloading equipment, car loading

A shaft hoisting system includes equipment for loading and unloading skips and equipment for loading cages.

Depending on the material to be hoisted and the kind of system, skip loading and unloading equipment comprises essentially so-called bunker discharge conveyors (e.g. apron conveyors), a horizontal belt system, a distributing chute and a measuring or filling pocket. The skip unloading equipment is therefore designed according to the kind of skip emptying method (e.g. swivel skip, segmental slide) and according to the optimum unloading characteristics of the material to be hoisted/conveyed. The design of skip loading equipment is subject to both the characteristics of the material supposed to be hoisted/conveyed and the bunker configuration. For the loading of hoisting cages so-called car loaders come into operation.

We offer
  • Bunker discharge conveyors
  • Belt conveyor systems
  • Distributing chutes
  • Measuring/filling pockets
  • Cage-holding devices for vertically positioning cages
  • Swinging platforms to bridge the gap between hoisting cage and loading floor
  • Push-on and pull-off systems that push the hoisting cars onto the cage or pull them off the cage.

Horizontal bulk material conveying

In underground mining, materials are transported through galleries and tunnels from the mining site to skip loading and unloading facilities by conveyor systems such as belt conveyors, where they are transported to the surface in the "vertical conveyor" of a production shaft.

For this "horizontal" transport from the mining site to the production shaft, we offer the appropriate conveyor systems and decking device rams with mine car circuit depending on the raw material being mined. If required, we supply large belt systems with supporting TT drives, set up belt transfers and also network conveyor systems in connected mines.

Our product range

Mining underground and above ground
  • Decking device rams with mine car circuit
    Hopper discharge, belt conveyors
    Shaft barriers, swinging platforms, cable winches
    Rotary tipper
    Retractable guide rail
  • Belt conveyor systems
  • Transfer stations / feeding stations (segment sliding chutes)
  • Connection of conveyor systems, also in mine networks
  • TT drive systems for stationary large belt plants (belt extension, performance increase)
    Take-up and storage loops
    Chain conveyors / hopper discharger
    Troughed chain conveyors
Power plant industry
  • Ash removal plants incl. steel construction
  • Coaling systems
  • Coal bunker feeding systems incl. dust removal systems
  • Shuttle heads, coal conveyor bridge, feeder and distributor belts in the context of power plant coaling
  • Enclosed belt conveyors with integrated cleaning chain conveyors in coaling plants
  • Submerged scraper conveyor
Iron & steel industry
  • Belt conveyor systems and conveyor bridges
  • Blast furnace charge blending incl. steel construction

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