Drive technology

In today’s mining industry, shaft hoisting is done with high-performance and energy-efficient winders.

Electric drive train

The drive train of a winder consists of an inverter and a drive motor and forms one of the vital components of a shaft hoisting system. By using its own calculation programmes with complex computer algorithms designed specifically for mining, SIEMAG TECBERG ensures that the drive design exactly meets the customer’s system requirements. State of the art and therefore the most frequently delivered drive train is a separately excited synchronous motor for machines > 3 kW that is fed from a voltage source inverter. With lower output machines, often constructed as a gearbox versions, it can be more economical to use an asynchronous motor with a voltage source inverter. Due to the additionally needed components (filter circuit and compensation systems), low efficiency and higher energy consumption, direct inverters and direct-current motors are no longer contemporary but will still be delivered to meet a customer’s specific requirements.

We offer
  • Asynchronous motors
  • DC motors
  • Synchronous motors
  • 400 to 6,000 V inverters for power outputs up to 13,000 kW dimensioned specifically to meet customer requirements

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