Executive Committee

Jürgen Peschke, CEO SIEMAG TECBERG group

Jürgen Peschke (D)

  • *1964
  • As owner and CEO of SIEMAG TECBERG group, Jürgen Peschke is designing the overall strategic alignment of the group
  • Jürgen Peschke manages the central business service functions leading direct reports such as HR, finance, contracting, procurement and project management
  • Prior to his Management Buy Out (MBO) for the mining business in 2007, he was since 1999 managing director of SIEMAG, an SMS group related company providing mining and metals logistics systems
  • Previous positions were executed by JP within the SMS group including management functions for the metallurgical process industry sector, i.e. the SMS Hot Rolling Mills/ Compact Strip Production (CSP) plants division
  • Jürgen Peschke began his professional career in the "Corporate Development" function of the SMS group in Düsseldorf (1991), where he carried out internal projects for the Executive Board of the SMS group
  • Jürgen Peschke graduated with a master in industrial engineering & economics at Technical University of Darmstadt / Hessen in 1990

Ian Michael Bailey

Ian Michael Bailey (UK)

  • *1960
  • As Co-Owner of SIEMAG TECBERG group Ian Bailey represents within the ExCom the Anglosaxon market related to Shaft Hoisting Technology
  • With the regional focus on the markets in southern Africa, Northern America and Australia he is representing the shareholder interest in all related SIEMAG TECBERG group subsidiaries acting as Chairman in the local Board of Directors mostly appearing under the brand of WINDER CONTROLS
  • Before moving to the German headquarters in 2007, Ian Bailey was Managing Director of SIEMAG Blanes in South Africa between 2001 and 2006 responsible for strategic direction and development of hoisting projects in the Sub Sahara African region
  • Prior to joining SIEMAG in 2003, Ian Bailey was Managing Partner of the Blanes & Engineers group in South Africa executing a service business for the installed base of large mine winder installations including rope service for Bridon International; Ian Bailey sold this business to SIEMAG in 2003
  • Before, Ian Bailey held various positions as Project & Commissioning Engineer at Winder Controls, South Africa and as Junior Engineer at East Rand Proprietary Mines, South Africa
  • Ian Bailey is a trained and graduated Mechanical Engineer and holds an MBA from Henley Management College in England
  • Ian Bailey’s sound expertise is about shaft hoisting in “Deep Level” mine applications

Armin Heller

Armin Heller (D)

  • *1960
  • Armin Heller represents within the Executive Committee of SIEMAG TECBERG group the Automation & Drive Technology
  • Since Automation & Drive was started to become an integral part of the systems supply in the early 2000’s, Armin Heller has managed to build up respective resources and product development initiatives based on the German Headquarter location in cooperation with universities and E-product suppliers
  • Armin Heller is Managing Director of SIEMAG TECBERG Headquarters operations and its subsidiaries in Russia and Poland, as well as TECBERG herco – a Joint Venture with Herco Kühltechnik Hermanns & Co. GmbH
  • He joined SIEMAG in 1985 and started his career as Software & Commissioning Engineer in the application of Transport & Logistic Solutions for iron and steel works as customers of the SMS group
  • Armin Heller is a trained and graduated Electrical Engineer in Automation at University of Siegen in 1985
  • Armin Heller’s sound expertise is about Automation & Drive for Shaft Hoisting Applications under the latest S.I.L. Safety Integraty Level II + III

Klaus Hofmann

Klaus Hofmann (D)

  • *1966
  • Klaus Hofmann represents within the Executive Committee of SIEMAG TECBERG group as Chief Engineer the O.E.M. products design for Shaft Hoisting Technology
  • As Vice President in the Headquarters operations of SIEMAG TECBERG he is in charge of the management of the engineering disciplines Mechanic, Hydraulic and Structural Engineering as well as for SIEMAG TECBERG products and their designs for project specific applications
  • Klaus Hofmann is Board Member of SIEMAG TECBERG’s Chinese subsidiary in order to facilitate and execute the design process for the chinese supplier base
  • In 2000 he was certified and registered as “EUR ING“ (FEANI, Brussels) and since 2002 he holds an MBA from the education center of the chamber of Industry and Commerce Siegen/ South Westfalia
  • Klaus Hofmann is a trained and graduated Mechanical Engineer at University of Siegen in 1990 after he finished a practical education as late operator before
  • In his entire career, he was with SIEMAG and he signed responsible for the design of more than 200 Winders personally

Alexander Kusenberg (D)

  • *1966
  • Alexander Kusenberg represents within the Executive Committee of SIEMAG TECBERG group as Chief Engineer the Process Technology
  • As Vice President Underground Ventilation & Cooling (UVC) and Managing Director of TECBERG herco, a Joint Venture of SIEMAG TECBERG and Herco Kühltechnik he contributes with Herco products and solutions in the application of underground mine and tunnel cooling and ventilation solutions
  • Since 2003 Alexander Kusenberg is Managing Owner of Herco Kühltechnik Hermanns & Co. GmbH and responsible for the companies overall strategic alignment with the sales functions activities, designing Herco’s future in gas process industries as well as mining
  • In previous assignments Alexander Kusenberg set up “Reliant Gases”, a newly established CO2 company in Odessa/US, that supplies liquid bulk CO2 and dry ice to the west US states and Northern Mexico
  • Alexander Kusenberg’s early day as a professional were as a Sales Product Manager for On-Site N2 & O2 Generating Plants, later as Sales & Application Technology Manager with Air Products & Chemicals out of Canada
  • He has started his career after his graduation in 1993 in mechanical Engineering at University of Berlin in working on cryogenic applications for industrial processes in the steel, food and pharmacies industries at Air Products & Chemical

Andreas Lojewski (D)

  • *1962
  • Andreas Lojewski represents within the Executive Committee of SIEMAG TECBERG group the Material Handling & Conveying Technology
  • As Managing Director of TECBERG HESE, a joint venture of SIEMAG TECBERG and HESE Engineering he contributes with his profound knowledge of plants for bulk material conveying
  • Andreas Lojewski built his career until 2014 with Maschinenfabrik HESE in Gelsenkirchen a specialist for conveying technology of bulk material starting in 1991 and become its managing partner in 2007
  • Before he joined Deutsche Babcock Energie- und Umwelttechnik executing engineering functions for hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanic product applications
  • Andreas Lojewski graduated with a master in Mechanical Engineering at Ruhr University of Bochum in 1989

Thilo Pfister (D)

  • *1966
  • Thilo Pfister represents within the Executive Committee of SIEMAG TECBERG group the “Customer Services” function
  • As Vice President in the headquarter operations of SIEMAG TECBERG he is in charge for the OEM product works assembly, the functional systems assembly with factory test and the technical services on customer sites
  • Under Thilo Pfister’s initiative the digitalization of SIEMAG TECBERG’s offer range is pushed under the brand “TECBERG digital” relating to equipment condition monitoring with combined digital services
  • Until 2017 Thilo Pfister was 16 years managing director of SIBRE – SIEGERLAND BREMSEN - a manufacturer of mechanic and hydraulic drive components with focus on sales and design
  • He completed his apprenticeship as an industrial clerk in 1993 and his part-time study at the School of Economics in Dillenburg / Hessen as state-certified business economist

Torsten Scholl (D)

  • *1976
  • Torsten Scholl represents within the Executive Committee of SIEMAG TECBERG group the project management function as well as the shareholder interest of SIEMAG TECBERG in it’s chinese subsidiary
  • As Vice President within the Headquarter operations of SIEMAG TECBERG he is in charge for the design of each project concept and its execution including related local product compliance issues according to costumer country regulations for shaft hoisting systems
  • With this project management supply function Torsten Scholl is implementing adequate IT systems for standard data & process applications
  • Until 2019 Torsten Scholl was in charge over 10 years to establish SIEMAG TECBERG’s subsidiary in China with the entire functions of a self-sufficient engineering company in a highly competitive market
  • He completed his apprenticeship as a “mechanical design” clerk at ACHENBACH Buschhütten, an Aluminium Rolling Plant supplier followed in 2001 as state-certified technician and at least in 2007 as a state-certified business economist – both with Industrie & Handelskammer of Siegen / South Westfalia

Rüdiger Struck

Rüdiger Struck (D)

  • *1967
  • Rüdiger Struck represents within the Executive Committee of SIEMAG TECBERG group as Chief Financial Officer all guideline competencies for each SIEMAG TECBERG group company
  • He is Vice President finance, controlling, accounting and tax in SIEMAG TECBERG’s headquarter operations since 2003 and has continued in this function subsequent to the carve out / MBO of the business in 2007 from the SMS group
  • Rüdiger Struck has started his career in 1992 at SMS group, performing functions such as group accounting, investment controlling and business unit controlling
  • He graduated with a master in Business & Economics at Universität of Siegen / South Westfalia in 1992

Dirk Zeppenfeld

Dirk Zeppenfeld (D)

  • *1970
  • Dirk Zeppenfeld represents within the Executive Committee of SIEMAG TECBERG group the contracting function for the project specific sell side (customers) and buy side (suppliers)
  • As Vice President in the headquarters operations of SIEMAG TECBERG he is in charge for any project specific agreements along the value chain with customers and projects partners from SIEMAG TECBERG
  • Furthermore he is Executive Officer of “Business Compliances” under the task “to know your partner”
  • Dirk Zeppenfeld is managing director of TECBERG HESE (D), evianos (D) and METEC Systems (CH), all together strategic entities of SIEMAG TECBERG group, ensuring proper commercial standards in their individual commitments with partners
  • Dirk Zeppenfeld’s career was started after his apprenticeship as an industrial clerk in 1990, 1999 he completed his part time study to become a state-certified business economist at the School of Economics in Siegen / South Westfalia