Carl Friedrich Koepe and Robert Blair

The founders of shaft hoisting technology

Carl Friedrich KOEPE began his working life as a miner in the Ibbenbüren anthracite colliery. In 1877, KOEPE made a ground-breaking invention which would later revolutionise the entire shaft hoisting technology. He developed a traction-sheave hoist that was technically better engineered, more economical and much more versatile than the drum hoisting systems used at that time. This system subsequently became the standard of hoisting technology in mining and other lifting systems. "KOEPE hoist" and "KOEPE winder" are still standard technical terms and fixed expressions in today’s mining terminology.

In 1957, the engineer Robert BLAIR presented a drum hoisting machine which provided for a rope carrier, designed to carry two hoisting ropes. Due to its special design this system is suitable for particularly large depths up to 2,300 meters. 1958 saw the installation of the first BLAIR hoisting machine.