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SIEMAG TECBERG as leading contractor for the shaft hoisting equipment for ore mining and operation of the underground research laboratory.

On March 20th 2019, the Samra Midas Group-Handuk Iron Ore Corp. celebrated the official opening of the new shaft #2 hoisting plant at Handuk Iron Ore Mine in the Gangwon-do province in South-Korea. In the presence of more than 200 invited guests, the chairman of Samra Midas Group, Mr. Woo Ohyeon, complimented the outstanding performance of everyone involved in the project, i.e. SIEMAG TECBERG. With the official commissioning of the new hoisting plant, the Handuk Iron Ore Mine is now the biggest ore-producing mine in South-Korea.

The new shaft #2 is replacing the old uneconomical shaft #1. This investment ensures the mine’s continuity for the next decades. During the opening ceremony, mine manager Kim MJ specifically pointed out the excellent collaboration with the leading contractor SIEMAG TECBERG. Furthermore he underlined the smooth communication between HANDUK and SIEMAG TECBERG and the professional execution during all project phases, which was eventually the cornerstone for the successful acquisition of this ground-breaking venture.

SIEMAG TECBERG was the leading contractor for the entire shaft hoisting equipment, including the engineering, production, assembling and commissioning of two winders and braking systems, loading and unloading equipment, shaft and guide-rope installations as well as for the engineering of the headframe. This was carried out as a group-order with intercompany deliveries and performances from the SIEMAG TECBERG group locations in Germany and China.

A special feature in the new shaft #2, next to the 4 rope winder with an intended yearly output of up to 1.7 million tons of ore, is the arrangement of a single-rope drum winder, which will be used as a man riding winder for the underground particle physics laboratory of the Korean Institute of Basic Science.

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Handuk Iron Corp. is part of the South-Korean Samra Midas Group, a diversified and fast growing company group in the areas of raw materials production and trading, as well as fleet-operator of own container-vessels.


Ore is a mixture of different chemical compounds of iron and non-ferruginous rock. With an iron content of up to 72%, the magnetite (Fe3O4) extracted at the HANDUK Mine belongs to the most important iron ore minerals. After the on-site preparation and the transport for further processing, the iron oxide is treated in a blast furnace to extract oxygen and other oxides. The raw iron, emerged from this process, is subsequently used for the steel production.

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