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Production increased to 3,000,000 t/year at PG SILESIA, Poland

On 9th December 2010 EPH Holding in the Czech Republic took over all the operating activities of the PG Silesia Mine in Poland.

The key investment for the new owner of PG Silesia was aimed at modernising shaft hoisting performances in order to achieve a production level of 3 million tonnes a year. During the negotiation process SIEMAG TECBERG POLSKA was chosen as a partner with international experience and advanced technical solutions. In less than 21 months SIEMAG TECBERG group provided made available the engineering for the winder modernisations, demounted all the old system components and replaced them with new components for including core components such as the SELDA overwind and braking equipment, hydraulic braking systems, bearings and automation technology, including drive regulators.

The modernisation of shaft II was successfully completed in August 2013. The agreement required the SIEMAG TECBERG group to carry out a comprehensive and conclusive performance test in order to verify the required characteristics and specified performance data, such as contractually agreed running speeds, during long-time operation over several months. This test was successfully passed and concluded in February 2014.

Since then PG Silesia has been producing in 24 h/7 day operation at full production level and has meanwhile been able to increase the number of employees from 738 in 2009 to 1,600 today.

Performance parameters after modernisation:

Motor output2,200 kW
Hoisting speed12 m/s
Hoisting performance12.5 t
Daily production18 h
Production days per year300 days
Annual production3,000,000 t/year

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