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OUR HOIST CONTROLLER – does more than just control

Hoist controllers are the central control point of every inclined or vertical conveyor system. These devices ensure the movement of hoisting equipment and subsequently the operation of production.

Our hoist controller does not just control the speed of the winder or winch, it is the heart of the system that is connected to all the pit systems and collects all the information to show the system status on large screens to the operator at any time. To guarantee safe and secure operation, the HMI language is shown in the operators’ native language.

Following the first successful installation of a hoist controller in the Marie mine shaft in Germany, SIEMAG TECBERG in 2008 installed a further hoisting controller in the Draa Lasfar 3 pit system in Morocco. This type of hoisting controller can be used for both drum and KOEPE winders in all the required operating modes. The programming and engineering of the hoisting controller is done by our specialists, amongst other things, on the basis of the know-how acquired over many years from our own system operation in the Gotthard Tunnel project.
At the Kalteiche technical centre, which is also a training and development centre, control systems for the winders and winches are tested using an internationally unique simulator, and innovation processes in automation technology, such as development of the new STB-HCO6 hoist controller, are advanced. This hoist controller can be set up as a completely redundant system, guaranteeing complete functionality even if e.g. a controller suffers a malfunction.

The necessity of having winders available around the clock is likewise supported by the remote control function of the SIEMAG TECBERG hoist controllers, so that our specialists can access the system via dedicated VPN connections in order to support our customers in fault-tracing. Certification in accordance with TAS and WUG (Polish Mining Regulations) is guaranteed, as well as other regulations and local mining guidelines.

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