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The TECBERG park from left to right: administration building, hall 1 (existing product assembly), hall high bay warehouse, hall 2 (new product assembly), hall 3 (new product assembly).

The investment focuses on the areas of logistics/test rigs for drive technology and on extension of product assembly.

SIEMAG TECBERG GmbH has started the building works on three new workshops in total, an automatic high-rack storage facility (workshop AL), the heavy-duty machine assembly shop (workshop 2) and the assembly shop with partly cellared office space, including staff facilities (workshop 3).

The investment focuses on the areas of logistics with an automated high-rack storage facility, connection to the SIEMAG TECBERG-ERP system (workshop AL) and a switching station with equipment for constant medium-voltage supply (workshop AL) for the test rigs in workshop 1 (existing workshop), workshop 2 and workshop 3, which will be linked together by an underfloor cable duct.

In "Halle 2" workshop the heavy-duty machine construction area with maximum crane capacities of 2x80/25 t will be set up as a final-assembly facility. A highlight is the heavy-duty assembly bed for the order-specific merger of the drive equipment, frequency inverter, motor, machine control system and mechanical/hydraulic system of the winder with integration test. The aforementioned crane capacities of workshop 2 will enable the movement of component parts up to 200 t of weight. During this merger, several hundred tonnes of equipment (winder with mechanical, hydraulic and automation equipment) will be erected and tested on the 25 m x 12.5 m wide assembly bed.

"Halle 3" workshop will contain a (standard) machine construction area with crane capacities of 25 t plus 15 t. It will initially serve as a space for the main operator SIEMAG TECBERG GmbH to rent out to potential system partners of "machine construction and drive system integration". Potential lessees are manufacturers of relevant drive systems by all reputable manufacturers for whom SIEMAG TECBERG is system-integration-wise a route to the market This shop also houses office space and staff areas in the basement.

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