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Local representation in Indonesia and Malaysia

The company management of WINDER CONTROLS Australia is pleased to announce that WINDER CONTROLS is now also represented in Indonesia and Malaysia. An agreement on representation was signed in Jakarta with Fachry (Fähre) Thaib, Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and founder and President Director of Thamadita (shipping services), PT. Sarana Penida (international freight forwarders), PT. Zamaraya Astrin (general trading, design, consultancy, engineering & agriculture) and PT. Sinspecindo Piranti (freight transport).

Additionally, Mayra Andrea, founder and President Director of the Cipta Graha Group of construction companies, will represent WINDER CONTROLS Australia’s interests in Indonesia and Malaysia. Through these representations WINDER CONTROLS Australia, as a subsidiary company of the SIEMAG TECBERG group, with local knowledge and network, offers the best qualifications to serve the construction, mining, shipping, railway, hoisting equipment and infrastructure markets in Indonesia and Malaysia.

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