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Expansion at SIEMAG TECBERG - Wadim Rosenstein becomes a member of the Executive Committee of the SIEMAG TECBERG group

Haiger, June 2020

Wadim Rosenstein, a Russian-German entrepreneur and expert in the field of project logistics and certification, joined the Executive Committee of the SIEMAG TECBERG group, one of the world‘s leading suppliers of hoisting systems for conveyance for the mining industry. The history of SIEMAG TECBERG begins in 1871, with the founding of a blacksmith in Siegen, from which Siegener Maschinenbau AG (SIEMAG), known today as the SMS group, was formed.

SIEMAG TECBERG group, owned by the family of Jürgen Peschke and Ian Bailey, is represented on all continents and has its own assembly shops in Germany, China, South Africa and Australia. With the involvement of highly qualified engineers and use of innovative services, SIEMAG TECBERG manufactures machines and systems used for industries such as shaft hoisting systems and conveyor systems for mines for the extraction of raw materials, systems for conveying and transporting heavy loads, ventilation and cooling of mines, systems for their energy supply and automatization. As part of the South Deep project, SIEMAG TECBERG set a world record for opening the world‘s deepest gold and ore mine in South Africa.

The structure of the SIEMAG TECBERG group has been expanded recently by the trading company TECBERG ROSENSTEIN GmbH, whose leaders, Jürgen Peschke and Wadim Rosenstein have become managing partners.

Cooperation with Russia has traditionally been of great importance at SIEMAG TECBERG group. The company successfully implemented projects of large Russian corporations, such as Norilsk Nickel, Uralkali, Acron, as well as Slavkali and Alrosa, and and some projects are still undergo.

SIEMAG TECBERG has three branches in Russia: Moscow, Norilsk and Berezniki. PESCHKE and ROSENSTEIN is aimed at strengthening and expanding the position of SIEMAG TECBERG on the Russian market, as well as improving the quality of service in Russia using the available advanced technologies: „Our goal is to create the most comfortable conditions for Russian customers for successful cooperation. And we have unique solutions to provide this.“

Wadim Rosenstein is supported by the worldwide team of approx. 400 highly qualified employees of the SIEMAG TECBERG group, mostly engineers and technicians, who use their skills to implement innovative engineering solutions in combination with technical service.

Wadim Rosenstein and his WR Group will provide appropriate services. As a young entrepreneur, he has many years of experience in successfully implementing large-scale logistics, customs clearance and certification projects.

Wadim Rosenstein, born in 1990, has been living in Germany for 20 years. His professional career began at ThyssenKrupp with export business in Russia; In 2011, he founded his first company selling pumping equipment to Russia. Wadim Rosenstein earned an EMBA degree, successfully graduating from St. Gallen Management Institute in Switzerland and in 2014 has opened a company providing consulting services related to export services to Russia, which laid the foundations of the existing WR GROUP.

Having successfully implemented his first project in project logistics from Europe to Russia, Wadim Rosenstein noted that it is more valuable to offer logistics as a single package of services along with customs clearance and certification, as these areas are an integral part of the exporting process of products or production equipment to Russia. Thus, the Group has become a unique provider of 3 in1 or, in other words, “turnkey” services in Europe.

Due to the successful business development, today WR GROUP has 11 representative offices in 7 countries and is actively cooperating with many international companies in the fields of oil and gas, petrochemistry, metallurgy and mining industries.

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