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DEEP MINING – our market-shaping references in China

Development of the Chinese mining industry in the ore extraction sector is tending more and more in the direction of DEEP MINING, meaning the exploitation of very deep mines for the extraction of deep-lying ore deposits. As early as 2013 the state authority for industrial safety initiated a project for research into key technologies and safety at great depths.

Thanks to the SIEMAG TECBERG group’s international expertise, Tianjin SIEMAG TECBERG can advise customers on the choice of technology and the challenges shaft hoisting systems are facing before the start of a project.

At the start of 2016 Tianjin SIEMAG TECBERG delivered a shaft hoisting system to the HUIZE lead & zinc mine in Yunnan Province that was given successful acceptance in that same year. With a shaft depth of over 1,500 m and hoisting from a number of floors, the HUIZE #3 shaft represents an outstanding project, with considerable demands made to the shaft hoisting equipment and the winder. Huize #3 is equipped with a 5.5 m, 6-rope KOEPE winder with a nominal service load of 360 t. The winder reflects the current level of development in winder technology and represents a new milestone in the use of shaft hoisting systems for deep mines in China.

Following HUIZE #3, Tianjin SIEMAG TECBERG in 2017 secured an order for delivery of a head-mounted 6.5 m, 6-rope KOEPE winder for the RuiHai gold mine in Shandong Province. Thefor the 1,400-m-deep production shaft is powered by an overhung 8 MW motor and reaches hoisting speeds of 16 m/s. The equipment will be delivered in mid-2019.

At the end of 2017 Tianjin SIEMAG TECBERG also concluded a contract with Benxi Longxin Mining for the delivery of three shaft hoisting systems for the Sishanling iron ore Mine in Lianoning Province. All three systems are installed in a 1,300-m-deep main shaft. The production and service shaft machine comprises 6-m, 6-rope KOEPE winders, while the ancillary system is equipped with a 1.85-m, 4-rope KOEPE winder. For this important project, Tianjin SIEMAG TECBERG is carrying out the system integration and, next to the mechanical equipment, is also delivering the electrical system and the drive regulator, hereby enabling better monitoring of system performance and the interfaces between mechanical and electrical equipment. The drive regulator – an in-house development by the SIEMAG TECBERG group – utilises the latest technologies for the automation software and hardware. Furthermore, the service system is equipped with a SIEMAG TECBERG FTS system that enables better and more reliable connection and communication between people at the hoisting cage and the winder operator. Automatic direct control of the winder is therefore also possible.

The tendency in China towards increasing depths and larger systems is gathering pace. Utilisation of hitherto unknown and untried technologies in this sector in China, such as the principle of a double-drum Blair winder, will be a future step towards opening up ore deposits at increasing depths. The SIEMAG TECBERG group, with its international knowledge base, is perfectly prepared to support customers with technical advice and analysis and to create the best possible and most economical concept for a mine.

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