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Decades of collaboration with Compass Minerals in Canada

Compass Minerals, an important rock salt producer in North America, has for many years looked to the SIEMAG TECBERG group to improve the performance capability of its underground mines. Accordingly, the long-standing collaboration has expanded substantially as the result of a further landmark decision to order from SIEMAG TECBERG INC. (US) delivery of a 55-tonne heavy-duty crane for their Sifto Salt operations in Canada.

In the course of demands for higher production capacities and to stay in step with technological developments, Compass Minerals placed an order with the present SIEMAG TECBERG INC. for a new double-drum winder with a drum diameter of 4.5 m and a drive output of 3,800 kW for its #6 shaft. The need to improve hoisting performances at the existing #1 and #3 shafts led the company again to engage SIEMAG TECBERG INC. to convert existing antiquated double-drum winders into 1-rope drum machines, including reliable, safe and secure disk brake technology. A further double-drum hoisting machine was likewise upgraded by SIEMAG TECBERG INC., during which work, as well as renewal of the spring pack of the shoe brake, further mechanical optimisations were successfully carried out on the machine.

In the several decades of collaboration up until today Compass Minerals has developed into a kind of virtual encyclopaedia for the performance capability of the SIEMAG TECBERG group. To be stressed here are the delivery of new equipment like heavy-duty winches, through upgrades of high-performance winders and safety-related braking systems to the after-sales service and customer support.

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