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Chinese customers choose our hydraulic disk brake systems

As one of a severala modernisation projects involving hydraulic disk brakes, Tianjin SIEMAG TECBERG in July 2018 received an order for a tender package comprising three hydraulic brake systems for the Henan Yongmei Group. The new equipment for the Henan Yongmei Chensilou, Juji and Shunhe mines will be delivered in mid-2019. Conversion with installation and commissioning will subsequently be scheduled in accordance to the mine’s timetables.

Modernisation projects of this kind typically call for very short down- and conversion times. To keep these times as short as possible, all the brake systems, including all electrical, hydraulic and mechanical components will be fully assembled and tested at the SIEMAG TECBERG group’s workshops before delivery.

Due to regular regular safety guidelines updates and a generally increasing safety consciousness, the safe, secure and reliable operation of mine equipment is increasingly becoming the focus of attention. Furthermore, modern equipment also simplifies the analysis of data and predictive maintenance by up-to-the-minute and continuously further developed automation technology easier. Tianjin SIEMAG TECBERG supports mine operators by regular on-site consultation and conducts the maintenance and inspection of the systems with qualified and professional specialists.

The SIEMAG TECBERG disk brake system is currently the only system that satisfies Chinese coal mine safety guidelines in full and is already equipped with the newest generation of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). The optimum use of the latest software and hardware technologies in automation technology supports the ever faster developments in the areas of data analysis and predictive maintenance.

High quality, high safety standards and the performance capability of the systems will always be motivators for the SIEMAG TECBERG group. The technology utilised in our disk brake systems is based on international standards, the use of premium components and a technological standard that is identical to equipment that is state of the art in Europe and other countries.

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