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Acceptance for complete system in Vietnam

In September 2018 the Vietnamese mining company VINACOMIN NUI BEO JSC issued the final acceptance for the shaft hoisting equipment at the NUI BEO coal mine to SIEMAG TECBERG.

The customer is very pleased with the complete system delivered and installed by SIEMAG TECBERG, so that after efficient commissioning and testing it started regular operation, safely and reliably transporting up to 300 people a shift above and below ground.

The NUI BEO coal mine is situated in QuanNinh Province, 170 km west of the capital, Hanoi, and is part of the state-owned and -operated VINACOMIN Group, which, with an annual production of some 30 million tonnes, mainly from surface mining, is Vietnam’s most important mining company. With the NUI BEO project started in 2012, VINACOM is opening up further underground coal deposits, for each of which a vertical production and service shaft with depths of approx. 350 m has been fitted out.

For this purpose, SIEMAG TECBERG, together with a Vietnamese civil engineering partner, received the order for the delivery of two complete systems. The delivery was undertaken to the highest possible quality and safety standards both from Germany and the company’s own subsidiary company in Tianjin, China and included, next to high-performance winders and braking systems, automation and drive equipment, shaft signalling systems, conveyances, rope sheaves, ropes, rope harnesses, support structures and steelwork for shaft houses and machine houses.

Installation and commissioning of the shaft hoisting equipment in the production shaft, which is likewise scheduled for handing over to VINACOMIN NUI BEO JSC, are already under way. Once completed, approx. 2 million tonnes of coal will yearly be extracted through this shaft from below ground, using SIEMAG TECBERG hoisting equipment.

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