Ventilation and cooling of underground mines and underground repositories

Latest mine and tunnel cooling systems

Sinking to increasing depths and the increasing waste heat, resulting from the progressive mechanisation of high-performance mines, more and more raises the demand of ventilation equipment under ground. Today’s modern high-performance mines often require cooling capacities higher than 20 MW. With the P.E.S. patented pressure exchange system, SIEMAG TECBERG group employs one of the latest mine and tunnel cooling systems in the market.

Technical features

  • Temperate increase <0,5 °C
  • Up to 20 MW cooling capacity with one P.E.S.
  • Pressure exchange up to 150 bar with one P.E.S.
  • Stepwise expandable
  • Continuous lifelong efficiency
  • Low maintenance downtimes
  • Low space requirement

The P.E.S. pressure exchange system enables the alternating inflow and outflow of liquids from a high pressure to a low-pressure system and the other way round. During the cooling of underground mines and facilities the P.E.S. acts as an interface between the overground cooling system, that supplies the generated cooling water via high-pressure shaft pipework, and the underground cooling network that ensures supply at low pressure to the roadway coolers.

Based on our expertise gained with a large number of installed systems, we develop the latest concepts and economically optimum solutions for mine and tunnel cooling.

We offer

  • Mine, tunnel and underground cooling systems
  • P.E.S. pressure exchange systems for mine cooling

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