Shaft hoisting systems for the storage of contaminated waste in special mines

Customised solutions to meet nuclear-safety requirements

When storing radioactive waste in former mines and/or suitable underground repositories, safety is of especial importance. Therefore, the design of storage-facilities for contaminated waste have to align with the stipulations and requirements of nuclear-safety regulations (such as the German Nuclear Safety Standards Commission directives and other national and international regulations).

We have acquired this knowledge and developed the technology and products jointly in partnership with the industry, standards committees, institutes and public-sector companies over many decades. Drawing on this knowledge, we offer a sound basis for the planning, installation and operation of permanent storage facilities in international markets.

The wide experience that we have gained in the handling and storage of radioactive and toxic waste and our know-how in the construction of complete systems from engineering up to production, delivery and installation form the basis for the execution of projects. SIEMAG TECBERG group has in close collaboration with its customers manufactured and supplied a range of special components for the safe handling and storage of radioactive and toxic waste.

We offer 

  • Handling and storage systems for toxic waste and heavy-load material
  • Underground final deposit systems for nuclear or toxic waste
  • Complete shaft hoisting and conveyor systems in accordance with the requirements of the nuclear-safety regulations in force
  • Reloading containers
  • Collective transport containers
  • Crane manipulators
  • Heavy-load manipulators
  • Portal lifting cranes for container handling
  • Platform trucks
  • Stacker trucks

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System integration and expertise for complete systems


Discover SIEMAG TECBERG’s tailor-made products and customised solutions for the shaft-hoisting technology as shown in our animated application.